We are extremely happy on how much change we have seen in Noah. He came to Little Wonders limited with his words; he is going expressive. He came in not knowing how to initiate and make friends he is going extremely friendly. We are grateful for your support on his journey to developing heaps of his milestones. It makes our hearts overflow with joy! No words can express how thankful we are to Little Wonders family for helping Noah achieve his goals of developing self-confidence, have better communication skills, and increase his self-esteem. Thank you!

All staff are super friendly, it helped put my mind at ease. My little boy enjoys it so much already. Little wonders Oamaru are awesome.

Eunice Erasmus

I’m so impressed and happy with the staff, the facilities, the food, the extra activities offered e.g. special visitors, Christmas parties. My son really enjoys himself and the staff are so professional. Couldn’t be happier

Sally Kirkmoe

Since we have enrolled Olivia with Little Wonders Oamaru, we have been extremely impressed and truly grateful for the caring and nurturing guidance she has received. Her teachers, in fact, all of the staff, have treated Olivia and us, with respect and have played a part in Olivia developing into a confident, active learner that loves going to 'baby school' every day. She has affirmation as an individual and also the security of belonging to a group.

At every stage, we have been so grateful that the staff has been so patient and thoughtful within every interaction we have had and are never too busy to talk to us and answer questions. Truly a great choice of care for our daughter.

Belinda Hirst

I was apprehensive about starting my son in childcare at 4 months old. I worried about how his days would be without me there and hoped that he would get the love, care and attention that he was used to at home.

The team at Little Wonders were amazingly supportive. They mirrored the routines that I had established at home which made the settling process easier for us both. They were honest about how his days went which was really important to me. The fact that they could openly tell me when he had a bad day assured me that I could trust them to keep me informed about his progress. I was able to visit during the day to breastfeed him which I found great as I didn’t have to express as much milk. Breastfeeding and providing expressed milk was encouraged by the staff which I thought was awesome.

He is now 8 months old and is very settled. He is familiar with his teachers and is happy for me to come and go during the day which assures me that he feels safe and secure with his teachers. I have gotten to know his teachers well and they are always willing to work alongside me as we guide my wee man to be the best he can be.  I know that they know my son well and can respond to his needs. I enjoy watching through the window for a few minutes when I arrive to pick him up and seeing how comfortable he is at Little Wonders the smiles on his face tell me he is in good hands

Welsh family