Starting School - What can we do during lockdown?

Starting school is a significant event for children and for their families and a milestone which many of us celebrate. It is something many children look forward to. Most children settle easily into school, but a few find adjusting to the change takes time.
If your child is close to starting school, you may be concerned that during lockdown they are missing out on learning that will be important when they go to school. However, there are many things you can do at home to support your child in being prepared for the changes involved.
It is important to note that during this time of uncertainty and change to normal routine your child’s happiness and sense of security is what is most important. The suggestions have been selected as they will easily fit into family life, however, if your child is not interested please be guided by them and their wellbeing.
The suggestions and advice are based on my past experiences as a primary school teacher of five year olds, an early childhood teacher and in transitioning my own three children to school. The advice is also informed by my Masters and PHD research about the transition to school, where children, parents and teachers have talked to me about what they thought was important at this time. It is also based on other research I have read.
I hope the ideas will be useful to you. You may already be doing many of these things and, if that is so, you can be reassured that you are doing lots of things that will support your child to have a smooth start to schooling.

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