We just went through transition and everyone has been wonderful and great with giving me information and willing to talk. My child has also been happy to go, which is a very positive thing for me. 

Poonam Shah

The teachers have been great, my son has never been to child care before and he has enjoyed it, they are very attentive and happy to be around for him. I like that all of them have good things to say about his day too!

Kristy Steiner

I found Little Wonders Glendowie so caring and kind. The staff are always smiling and friendly. My little one is very happy there.


When you come to pick up your kids from daycare and they ask to stay and play a little bit longer – you know you are in the right place! We have been at Little Wonders for over a year now, with one child at every room, and we are very happy. For us, the personal attention the kids receive from the wonderful teachers is the most important thing.

Little Wonders Glendowie Parent

Gus has been at Little Wonders for eighteen months and now he is four he has started the four year old programme. It is first class and he will be very ready for school next year. The teachers make it really fun for the kids to learn!