Our Rooms

Little Wonders St Kilda has five separate classrooms, allowing us to resource and respond to the specific needs of different ages and stages.

Kakariki Room

Our Kakariki Room is a customised space for our youngest children old to safely explore, gain confidence and be respected as initiators and self-learners. The teaching team’s approach is inspired by the RIE philosophy, offering an environment that is a balance of being physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing.

The environment is warm, calm and inviting, presenting a ‘home away from home’ feel. Families are welcomed into this space where infants are valued and respected. Daily journals ensure each infant’s individual routine is followed, and their development supported by a loving teaching team, dedicated to providing them with the best possible start.

Kahurangi Room

The Kahurangi room is designed to inspired and support tamariki as they take those beginning steps towards exploring the world around them. The environment offers age-appropriate physical challenges supporting gross motor development, and increasing confidence, balance, strength and agility.
An experienced teaching team, who understand the natural urges and interest of this age group, provide a balance and engaging programme that extrends and inspires. The tamariki are encouraged and supported to explore the environment and participate in fun learning experience that are introduced alongside their care routines.

Karaka Room

The Karaka Room is where our fun-loving 2 to 3 year olds get to make their mark! With an emphasis on language development, they participate in rich learning experiences including music, puppets, magnetic stories, storytelling and imaginative play. Our Karaka Room teaching team have an abundance of energy and respond to the learners needs with enthusiasm and creativity.

With an outdoor area that provides opportunities for physical challenges and age-appropriate risk taking, our tamariki are encouraged to extend and develop their physical skills and confidence, as they engage and make discoveries in our beautiful coastal environment.

Kowhai Room

Our 3 to 4 year olds have a large indoor environment that boasts a variety of different learning spaces including an art area, whanau corner, block area, construction table, library corner, train table, natural world play space, and a music area. Each child is supported to follow their interests and extend their learning through a play-based model where teachers use intentional teaching strategies to add depth, skills and new knowledge to their inquiries.

With a focus on developing their social skills and strengthening social competency, the Kowhai Room children experience learning through a range of individual, small group and whole group learning opportunities, encouraging them to listen to others points of views, take turns and contribute to a sense of group responsibility.

Whero Room

Purpose designed for our 4 to 5 year olds, the Whero Room is proud of its reputable Transition to School programme that is integrated throughout the daily learning experiences and supports our children and their families to prepare for the next phase of their learning journey. The curriculum has a strong focus on developing self-care and emotional regulation skills to support the development of independence, and confidence.

With opportunities to take on leadership roles, contribute to the running of the programme and care for the learning environment, children are empowered to develop a sense of pride and ownership over their learning goals