The team at Little Wonders Roslyn feels and treats our girls like they are part of our family. From 6 months of age our eldest daughter would have brought her teachers home with herself every night if she could. Nothing makes us feel more confident at drop off when our girls either reach out or run and jump into their teachers arms each morning with a big “Hi!” or toothy grin. Our eldest is so proud to show/ tell us at the end of the day what she has been doing. We are so impressed with her how much Te Reo / and sign she has picked up for a 2 year old. We love the focus of encouraging independence, confidence but the empathy shown to the girls if they need a helping hand. When our toddler came home and told us she was “STRONG”, she was “BRAVE” and she “COULD DO IT” it cemented our appreciation for the teachers at Little Wonders, giving her the mantra that encompasses how we want her to grow and learn! 


We will be forever thankful to Little Wonders Roslyn for providing fantastic care to both of our children. The support and care all educators and management have given us and our little ones has been comforting as we have transitioned from one to two children and juggled part and full time work and parenting.


The Grant Family

We have been with Little Wonders Roslyn for only a short time, but in this time we have been made to feel so welcome and have noticed real changes in our boys. Connor (3) has settled in well to the new environment and has formed strong bonds with his teachers. We talk a lot about the teachers in his room and what they have been up to. He also sings a lot of songs to us that he has learnt and shares all sorts of interesting facts! I believe that he is growing in confidence by the day and his ability to recover from upset has really improved.

Luke (2) came to the centre with some behavioural challenges, however the team of teachers in the Manuka Room instantly made us feel welcome and helped us to understand what was going on in his little brain. Since we’ve been with Little Wonders his behaviour has improved immeasurably and he is no longer exhibiting the behaviours he had been previously. He just loves the teachers, and the food!

I love coming to pick up the boys from care, they are always sweaty, sandy and covered in sunscreen and dirt – this tells me what a wonderful day they have had and it is fantastic. So, a huge thankyou to the teachers in the Kowhai and Manuka Rooms – you have made such an impact on our lives in such a short time.

Ros and Paul Ellwood

The teachers in Totara are absolutely amazing. They have a great relationship with my daughter and she loves them all! It puts me at ease knowing that she is with people during the day that she has such a great bond with. I respect them so much for what they do. It can’t be easy, and it takes a lot of energy. They are all so wonderful and I can’t say enough about them! Such an amazing team and it is a pleasure to know them all.

Emma McCone

My child was looked after superbly. The communication with parents was excellent and the centre itself was high quality

Anna Leese