From the first day we walked into Little Wonders we felt welcomed into the family, everyone is so happy, genuine and friendly - it was the only centre that we visited where all the teachers acknowledged us but the children came and engaged with us too.

Our son has been enrolled from 8mo and I am 100% that first time mum with all the worries and concerns possible. Every day the team are above and beyond helping us through many transitions, ups and downs and crazy requests I’ve made responding with nothing but love, encouragement and support  ( e.g. baby had not even slept in a cot before starting at the centre ). We cherish that the teachers truly invest and care for our son as much as we do.
Highly recommend.

Little Wonders Greenmeadows Parents

Kaia's whakapapa & Maori heritage is also another aspect we as parents are extremely invested in & this has been beyond respected & practiced with her throughout her time so far at Little wonders. For us as parents this makes us extremely blessed that what we practice at home is also being used with her throughout every day she's at day care. We are also very impressed by everything Kaia has been taught so far & all the philosophies that the centre follows.

At the beginning of 2019 our whanau will grow by one more so that will mean Little Wonders will gain a new friend late 2019. I already feel content about having to return to work after maternity leave knowing our son will be nurtured & cared for by the whole team at Little Wonders Greenmeadows.

Thank you again & again for everything, we are excited for another year with you all.

We love this centre. It’s just like a little home away from home. All the teachers are like family, you can talk to them about anything. We leave our kids there for 45 hours a week and that’s where we want them to be.

My children are part Maori and I love that Little Wonders Greenmeadows really embraces the culture - and even more so on my behalf because of the way we want to raise our children. I have been really impressed with that side of things because it’s important to us, and the centre is making it a priority too. They already incorporate quite a bit of Te Reo into their programmes, but the teachers make a special effort to do more activities with my kids as well. We think it’s awesome they make the effort to do that.

Portia Wright

My two children have been attending Little wonders for several years now. What can I say…..it feels like home. The teachers are so attentive to the individual children’s needs and interests, families are warmly welcomed and there is a real sense of comradely . I couldn’t recommend Little Wonders Greenmeadows more highly, I completely trust the team knowing that they will look after my children as if they were their own. Thank you for giving me a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for my children, giving me that peace of mind I was looking for when returning to work.

Sarah Irvin

When we drop Maiaorere off, she's always so inquisitive, curious and constantly looking around at all the different people and environment.  When we pick her up she's always so happy and joyous and it feels good to know that she feels happy there.

It's really important to me that she be enrolled somewhere with a happy and loving wairua. So it's reassuring to me to know that she is happy when we drop her off and still happy when we pick her up.  That tells me the teachers and children there are loving towards her and she feels that.

All the staff are so helpful and wonderful. Other than hoping Maiaorere is immersed more in Maori, I could't fault Little Wonders.

Wairakei Sa'ena

The team at Little Wonders are absolutely amazing! The bonds they create with the children are genuine and strong and the staff are like an extension to our family. The children all show kindness to each other and a genuine care for the teachers, other children and the centre environment. The teachers help support each child's interests and constantly set up new and fun activities to extend their knowledge in really fun ways.  All teaches are approachable and accommodating.  I would have no hesitation recommending Little Wonders.

Mary Ferguson

I am so incredibly happy with Little Wonders, the staff who work there and the philosophy they operate under. My boy has established such strong relationships with his teachers that he will confidently ask for help or seek comfort from them should he need too. He has also grown into a sociable little chap, learning the importance of friendships and understanding how these are built with other children. He still has a strong hold on his independence, which is nurtured and encouraged at the centre. As a parent, I couldn't think of a better environment for my boy.