We just wanted to say how much we appreciate the role Little Wonders have played in our child's transition. 

Moving countries with a 3 year old, we were quite anxious as to how she will adapt, especially as English is not our first language.

She has only been enrolled for a little over 2 months, but she absolutely loves her school and is flourishing. She is so excited to get ready for school every morning and cannot wait to see what activities are planned for the day.

We have noticed a tremendous improvement in her eating habits and attribute this primarily to the balanced meals and snacks she receives during the day at school.

The pace at which her English abilities have developed has come as a shock to us as she can no converse in English, albeit a bit broken.

A personal interest in taken into her development and is solidified by the fondness she has for all her teachers, especially teacher Charlene.

We are so grateful that this has been her experience, as there is no better feeling than seeing your child happy.


My child has recently started with Little Wonders and honestly I couldn't be happier. After a big move from the UK this is his 2nd kindie in 6 months, the staff and all the kids here have been so kind and welcoming towards him that on day 2 they said it was like he'd always been there. 

I also really like that story park is updated regularly, it keeps my mind at ease that he is happy and safe. 

Thank you to all the staff.