Easter Bunny came to Little Wonders, Oamaru

Last Thursday the Easter Bunny came to Little Wonders and hid some bliss balls wrapped in tin foil at Trent Street for us to find!  The excitement levels were high as Leonie told the children she had talked to the Easter Bunny on the phone and she had told her about the eggs.  So we all got ready to go to Trent Street, we put our bunny ears on and some children carried their baskets they had made to put their eggs in.  Hop, hop, hop we went.......

We arrived at Trent Street and had a little hui/meeting to discuss the best way to do our hunt.  The children were allowed to collect two eggs each and decided that if they found more they would give them to someone else or show them where more were hidden.  Such kind tamariki!  So off hunting we went......looking high, looking low, looking all around!  Once the children had found their two eggs they were able to sit down on the grass and eat them.  The children said they were very yummy!  Great hunting tamariki, I wonder if the Easter Bunny visited your homes this weekend?