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At Little Wonders St Kilda, strong relationships build the foundation for our community to work together to create a positive environment for our children to explore, understand and expand their knowledge of the world.

We acknowledge all cultures and embrace the richness and diversity that they bring. We honour the Treaty of Waitangi by providing opportunities for all children to learn, with Te Whariki (Our National Curriculum) evident in our practice.

At Little Wonders St Kilda, teachers are professionals in their field. They provide a programme that is designed to meet the social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs of the children, whilst valuing the wealth of knowledge established by family/whanau.

At Little Wonders St Kilda, success in learning comes from children actively exploring the environment, engaging in meaningful, uninterrupted play while interacting with people, places and things.

Our priorities for children’s learning are implemented through quality teaching strategies that are relative to each age group. Teachers are focused on supporting children to become:

  • Independent learners
  • Investigative learners
  • Culturally respectful
  • Risk takers
  • Decision makers
  • Resilient
  • Socially confident
  • Enriched in languages, numbers and information technology

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