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At Little Wonders Pegasus, there are structured periods across the day in which the children have time with their key teacher, learning developmental specific skills relevant to their current interests. The Enquiry Room is an ever-changing space that follows the interests of the group from a creative dance space to a jungle there are always exciting provocations to explore.

The outdoor area looks out over the beautiful Pegasus lake, and there is lots of room for running, jumping, dancing and climbing, our interchangeable climbing boxes allow the children the opportunity to take risks in a safe environment and discover what their bodies can do!

Together we plant fruit and vegetables in our garden and the children learn to care for the natural world as they grow. Through our enquiry approach we follow life cycles of animals and explore scientific concepts with our light box.

Our Vision: Little Wonders Pegasus is a place where tamariki can grow together by fostering relationships, nurturing creativity and engaging curious minds.

Our Curriculum:  Our curriculum is underpinned by Te Whâriki.  We support children to engage in meaningful learning experiences that follow their interests and have purpose, to encourage positive learning outcomes.  Children develop positive and trusting relationships through intentional teaching and engaging learning environments.

We encourage tamariki to extend their working theories through critical enquiry and investigation using technology.

Children feel inspired and comfortable being able to express themselves in all avenues of creativity.

We believe in weaving early literacy and numeracy through our curriculum and learning environment in a purposeful and meaningful way. A language rich environment both verbal and written has a place of large importance at Little Wonders Pegasus.

Our Infants and toddlers: We believe in a warm, nurturing environment where infants and toddlers are encouraged to explore and investigate their safe and familiar surroundings. Children are supported to engage in meaningful experiences and caregiving routines with support of loving relationships from their primary care teachers.

Our Teachers:  Little Wonders Pegasus acknowledge the critical role the teacher plays in ensuring that children are supported to feel secure, competent and capable. We foster a child led environment where children’s voices are heard. All teachers show a commitment to and understand the importance of continuous learning and ensure that their knowledge of learning theories is current and relevant.

Our Families:  Little Wonders Pegasus value the aspirations families have for their children.   We believe in working in partnership with families, whanau and community. We see the value in learning from one another, celebrating our families cultures and acknowledging the important role that these play in our centre.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi: Our curriculum reflects and acknowledges the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and acknowledges and embraces the unique place of Mâori as Tangata Whenua.  

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