What We Do

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Our dedicated qualified teachers believe that Te Whāriki our Early Childhood Curriculum is the foundation of our philosophy and programme where the child’s individual learning is noticed, recognised and responded too. We are proud of our uniquely designed environment which ensures our ākonga feel safe and secure with a natural and spacious outdoor area providing the freedom to play.

Partnership between parents and teachers is invaluable as we strive to give each child the best care and education to meet their learning outcomes. We believe that collaborative partnerships built on trust, respect, and kindness nurture wellbeing and belonging for all.

The recent development of our Trent street wilderness garden provides our children and teachers with opportunities to interact with nature, develop life skills and learn about sustainable practices in an authentic way.

As a diverse team of teachers we embrace and reflect the cultures within our local community, celebrating such events as Matariki, Chinese New Year, & Tongan language week. Our team of committed and passionate teachers are devoted to continuous growth and improvement of their teaching practice.

We welcome all prospective families to come and have a look at our uniquely designed centre.

Some areas identified as strengths of our centre are:

  • Our Trent Street Wilderness Garden provides a large open space which encourages children to explore and make connections with the natural world, and to care and be responsible for the world around them. Children have the opportunity to develop physical skills, to learn to make the environment sustainable, build huts, and create quiet spaces and work as part of a team.
  • Our centre has gained and maintains the Gold Healthy Heart Award Pa-Harakeke where healthy eating and physical activity is promoted.
  • Ensuring our children experience aspects of Waitaki’s rural community within our exciting outdoor environments, with the opportunity to nurture, care and learn from interaction with the centre’s hens, rabbits, turtle and guinea pigs.
  • Our Under 2 room offers, primary care, free movement, supportive of breast feeding and the care and daily routines being flexible to allow for children’s familiar routines from home to be fostered within their day.
  • Children are the heart of our work. Our centre fosters the core values of Play, Kindness, Growth, Collaboration and Pride.
  • Promoting warm, safe and friendly environments which encourage family participation and collaborative relationship building that enriches the links between home and the centre.
  • Accelerated learning as children transition through the centre.



Our whakatauki:

He waka eke noa

A canoe on which all may travel without exception.

Our vision:

Children are the Heart of our work.

Our core values:






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