What We Do

At Little Wonders Glendowie, we are committed to providing a safe, happy and inviting environment where children are nurtured and cared for. Each child is respected and encouraged to express themselves so that they feel valued and that they belong to Little Wonders.

Our vibrant partnership with families encourages open communication to engage in the learning journey with us. We value bi-culture practices and our unique heritage and implement language and culture in an authentic way. The diverse cultures of our families are recognised and opportunities are embraced to include multiple languages and cultures.

At Little Wonders we participate regularly in a range of community events so that our children and families have an enriched understanding that we are part of the wider world and community and this forms part of our traditions at our centre.

Teachers positively respond to each unique child with their own strengths, interests and needs and children are supported to care for themselves so that they continue to develop confidence and independence. We value kindness as one of our core beliefs so that children feel genuinely respected for who they are and what they can do.

We ensure there are a wide variety of opportunities so that children can make choices and explore their interests and learning further. Teachers recognize the first five years lay a strong foundation for learning and development so encourage a love of learning in a fun challenging environment where they can intrinsically learn and problem solve.

Our programme supports children’s holistic development and has plentiful language and literacy experiences to support children’s emerging communication and cognitive skills. Other essential learning areas that are recognised and extended in an enjoyable way include numeracy, art, drama, music, science and technology with both individual and social experiences that are spontaneous and planned. Children’s learning is documented both online with Storypark and with a hard copy portfolio so that children and families have multiple ways to revisit and contribute further to each child’s interest and learning.

Teachers embrace and engage in on-going professional development and are role modeling to others that learning has no end. This professional passion and knowledge for high quality early childhood education encompasses the commitment we all have for each of our children here at Little Wonders Glendowie so that all children are supported as confident and competent learners who are happy and content.

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