Little Wonders Glendowie Centre Philosophy

At Little Wonders Glendowie our learning environment brings together "the best of both worlds" as we offer the experience of both same-age and multi-age classrooms. Our infant and toddler classroom focuses on a same-age setting ensuring that our younger children have the specialized care they need with educators that are solely focused on delivering a high quality under 2 curriculum. Our multi-age classroom for our 2-5 year old children creates a family feel where children can grow and learn at their own pace. Our multi-age classroom ensures limitations are not set on children due to age as younger learners have the opportunity to more complex learning that otherwise may not of been available to them in a same-age setting. Leadership and role modeling is also promoted through our mixed-age setting as our older children take responsibility for sharing their knowledge and skills with our younger learners. This not only reinforces our older children's skills and knowledge but also gives our children a strong sense of self-worth.

Giving children the freedom to learn while emulating a fresh and open mindedness to learning.

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