Little Wonders Glendowie Centre Philosophy

We are underpinned by both our

Brand Essence “Giving the freedom to learn”


Brand Character “Emulates a fresh and open mindedness to learning”

We make this unique to Little Wonders Glendowie by seeing our role as teachers as one that wears many hats. We are the listener, the supporter, the observer, the safe keeper, the facilitator, the mentor and the learner. Although we may wear different hats they are all embedded with thread of kindness, respect, flexibility and humour. Our collection of hats is all unique and has many valuable stories to tell. As teachers we see the importance of sharing our hats and the knowledge embedded within them.

At Little Wonders Glendowie we see every child wearing a unique hat of their own. As teachers it is important that we seek to understand every thread of this hat as the thread used to create this hat has been passed through generations of culture, identity and language. We understand that family holds the most valuable information about this hat and we spend time listening to the many stories about each thread. We also understand that some threads still need to be sewn to ensure the hat has a strong underpinning for the many adventures ahead.

Once the child’s hat is strong and ready we encourage and support the child to start gathering a variety of new hats. We give the child courage that they can choose any hat they wish even if the hat may seem a bit risky! The child may create their hat in a moment or spend time going back and forward until they achieve the most creative and splendid hat! Each hat has no time limit and we wait patiently until we can celebrate the creation of this hat not only with the child but also with their family.

At Little Wonders Glendowie we also understand that a hat cannot be created without the essential elements needed therefore our environment is carefully organised with a variety of threads and materials. Thought is taken into the colours that interest each child and the materials are hand picked to ensure that texture and length gives the child the opportunity to create any hat they wish.  We have areas for literacy, so children can freely express their ideas and research any hat of interest, numeracy for understanding measurements and size and of course plenty of obstacle courses for the child to put each hat to the test!  We also understand that some hats may not go to plan and we are waiting and ready with our own knowledge of hat making to pick those pieces up and encourage the child to start again!

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