What We Do

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Building strong professional, positive and respectful relationships within the Little Wonders community is of paramount importance in everything we do. These relationships are built on a foundation of open, honest and trustworthy communication. Maintaining collaborative relationships allows children, families and whānau to feel a sense of well-being and belonging in the centre environment; along with the knowledge that their individual needs will be met. We take pride in sharing a culture of mutual respect for people, places and things that support our knowledge of all children. Teachers value and acknowledge parents and whanau aspirations for their children and take account of these in assessment and planning processes.

We take pride in offering children high quality care and education that ensures all children are engaged in ongoing learning pathways. Our teaching practices are underpinned by the notion that children learn through play. We believe in offering a wide range of open ended resources which value children’s independent choices, provide provocations to entice creative play and encourage children to express and explore their working theories.  As teachers we are intentional in the way we recognise and respond to all opportunities to engage in, and extend, children’s learning.

We seek to create learning environments that are warm, safe and nurturing and where all akonga feel respected and valued. Learning environments are designed as fluid and flexible spaces that invite, provoke and support children’s working theories. Children are encouraged to be active explorers and risk takers while having fun engaging in play.

Teachers are committed to being ongoing learners alongside children. Growing themselves personally and professionally through reflecting and evaluating their teaching practices ensures they are impacting on positive outcomes for all children.

We believe in fostering children’s social competencies by empowering them to build and maintain positive, respectful and empathic relationships. These relationships are an integral part of creating a collaborative learning environment where children learn alongside each other reflecting manaakitanga and ako. As teachers, we support a curriculum that provides opportunities for children to discuss and negotiate rights, fairness and justice with adults and each other.


Our Philosophy

Centre Vision

We will grow and nurture all akōnga within our local learning community to enable them to develop into respectful, independent and confident learners who positively influence those around them


Priorities for children’s learning

Our priorities for children’s learning are underpinned by our values and beliefs as expressed in our philosophy and also reflect and acknowledge the aspirations of parents and whānau for their children.

Developing physical skills

Te whakapakari o te tinana Growing social competencies

Te whakatipu o ngā mahi hoa

Respecting self, others and environments

Te Whakaute ki ngā tangata me te Taio

Establishing meaningful relationships


Promoting risk taking

Waewae kaikapua

Developing confident communication

Whakapakari kōrero

Building early literacy and numeracy concepts

Whakapakari i ngā nama me ngā panuitanga

Understanding science and technology theories

Te maramatanga o pūtaio me hangarau

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